Chef Robert Frassica

As a Freshman at Waltham High School in Massachusetts, Robert Frassica found an interest in cooking when a culinary teacher explained to the students in her chefs class that, “Everyone needs to eat.” With those words, Robert registered that year for the culinary program at his school, allowing him to explore more cooking options. During his Sophomore Year, his Aunt Theresa gave him a Christmas gift to attend classes at Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.  That same year he had the great opportunity to hold a job baking muffins, breads and turnovers for Pizzi Farm, a popular family-owned market, deli and ice cream shoppe in Waltham. Robert began to realize even more at this point that he wanted to be a chef.  After graduating with a high school degree and culinary certificate from Waltham High, and with the cooking skills he learned from his amazing high school culinary teachers, Robert grew a passion for the baking side of the industry. He then attended Newbury College in Brookline, Massachusetts, where he majored in Culinary Management with a Focus on Baking. While at Newbury, Robert spent time as an intern learning new baking skills at Tempo Bistro, one of Waltham’s outstanding, fine restaurants. Robert then attended the prestigious culinary program at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island where he graduated with an Associate in Science Degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality Management. While at JWU, the COVID-19 Pandemic broke out around the world, changing the way many students continued their education and internships. With his strong determination and the outstanding kindness of Waltham Pizza, a local family-owned business in his neighborhood, he was able to return home and continue his senior internship program. While interning as a cook in front of the stoves and grills of the local pizza place, Robert completed his online and virtual classes, allowing him to graduate from Johnson & Wales University in May 2020. Robert believes that staying positive in whatever you do, working with a solid attitude, going the extra mile each day, and keeping a smile on your face, can get you through the goals you set. “Each time another obstacle popped up, I thought, ‘Is this really happening?’ But I’d put my head down and push through. Studying hard, taking one more step forward, staying positive and with the support of family and friends, I did it. Set your mind to something and you can do it too!”